Save a Component as already executed

I haven’t found something similar on the forum so I thought I’ll ask.
Is it possible to share a component as executed and when you drag and drop it to the workflow to be already executed?
I create components that are configured via a Javascript Table editor node and this node needs to run to have access to the interactive view and then change some values in it.

For now, my components need to always run once when dragging them, and then modify values using the interactive view.
The aim is to have them already executed so when you drag them you can directly enter the Interactive View.

Maybe there’s something like an initialize function for components to run some things automatically when instantiated?

Hope that’s clear, and I would appreciate some help!

Hi @vasichar11,

Unfortunately components are reset when you make a template out of them and you cannot save a data file (in this case an XML file) inside a component. However, a workaround may be to add the data you want automatically executed into a table creator node.

Hopefully this helps!


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Thanks for the advice! I’ll try that.

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