Save As Function repeatedly lost work

I repeatedly lost part of my work when using the SAVE AS feature.

It literally lost all changes made before the save as.

I’m using the latest version and this happened more then once now.

Please advise!!


Hi @castimoto and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

  • By the latest version you mean 5.2.3, right? And are you working in the Modern UI (the default UI when you install this verison)?

  • What exactly happens? e.g., you modify a workflow > save it as a new workflow > close it > reopen it > something missing?

  • Are there any specific steps to reproduce the problem?

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Hi Armin, yes correct and I’m working in the modern UI mostly.

Yes that is exactly what happens, it did happen two times during a period where my computer seemed to be stressed by the workload of KNIME already. Could this be a memory allocation issue?

I did a lot of changes in the workflow and then “saved as” and it simply lost all these changes when reopening.

I changed to doing the “Save As” before changing anything in the workflow and then later on the usual save function works normally.

I will try to reproduce it.


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