Save file in html format


I'd like to save my Table to Html output html cell to a html file - not a report one.

How can I do that? - It would be a simple file writer:

name_of_the_file, location, extention

I have not found the right node yet... please help.



Hello mereteycsilla 79,

Maybe you can try with the Table to HTML node available in the Community Nodes.

It converts the input table into an a single HTML string.

Hope that helps,




thank you for your answer,

I already use Table_to_Html node - AFTER that, I'd like to store/save the node output as html file format, so write as a file.

Itried CSV writer, but the output is not pure html, of course.

Any thoughts?

I was given a helping hand from Antal Sofalvy from :

CSV Writer will do, reset/empty all fields in node settings, then rename the result csv file to html...

So simple it is ;)

Thanks again Antal,



Hi mereteycsilla79

We (Lhasa) had an internal KNIME node that does this so I've moved it over to our public release. 

The node is called: 'StringCell To File' and is already available in the nightly build and will shortly be available in the 3.3 build.