Save file via Output Folder -> Flow Variable -> CSV Reader Node

by a certain node I get tsv files, which I want to save with the Output Folder node, but also want to process directly. If I connect the Output Folder with the CSV Reader node via a flow variable, however, the flow variable is not specified in the CSV Reader node.
test.knwf (10.2 KB)

Hi @MelanieTU ,

I saw your workflow and make download for extensions for see what you have until now.

For more details, we need that the workflow don’t be reset because we can’t see the data that you have to understand better the problem, can you upload again the workflow without reset?



Is the flow variable type Path? If it is the wrong type then it won’t appear as an option.

Hi @denisfi ,
I don’t know how to upload the workflow without reset. Or when I export it, it happens automatically. I just created a simple csv file. Have now included it in the workflow.
newtest.knwf (13.6 KB)


@iCFO I pass the foldername via the flowvariable, so I think the PATH from the folder… . Even if I apply the list file node, the flow variable is not displayed to me…

  1. just right ciick to any save workflow.
  2. select your destination folder
  3. leave it “untick” to the reset box option.
  4. finish.

@marzukim thanks!
@denisfi now the workflow without reset.
test2.knwf (20.0 KB)

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Hi Melanie,

I think that you have some easier demos for load files and use it.

CSV reader for example can load multi files as you wish and load for the flow.

Your file have tsv extension, but if the file look like csv/text, you can use this node and file reader, which you can set the format and needs to load it as the prints below:



With it, you can load all data from the files to use it. And you can use the write nodes from the same context to export.

If you need to check/list folders and files from a path, use the List Files/Folders node to map all paths with or without path indication.


All this 3 nodes can give you the same result for your propus.

Can it helps you?

BR, Denis

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