Save Knime Workflow

Hello everyone,
I´m really new to this and this is probably a really stupid question.
I had KNIME on my old laptop (that has now been resetted and send back) and copied all the documents over to the new laptop. I had a KNIME workflow on the old laptop in the KNIME workspace, I thought it would be automatically saved somewhere on the computer and therefor been transferred to the new computer. Now I am panicking because I want to use the workflow on the new computer, but cannot seem to find the workflow. Are the KNIME workflows only saved in the workspace on the computer and no where else unless you additionally do that?
Thank you so much!

Unless you export a workflow it’s only in the workspace folder.

Copy the workspace folder from your old machine to your new one then point KNIME at the workspace and you should still have all your workflows…

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you have three ‘locations’ concerning KNIME

  1. the place where the program files live (you can re-install that at any time)
  2. the place where all the workflows are stored the “knime-workspace” that should be somewhere else and should be backuped
  3. the temp folder where KNIME stores intermediate and unsaved data (that can be disposed once the knime-workspace is saved)

This is the folder that contains your workflows:

This is how it looks within KNIME: