save new selected file in variable in File Upload Widget

I use the File Upload Widget to select an other file and mak
e some changes to this file and save it again with an adjusted filename.
1st step: / /
1a_File Upload Widget
2nd step:

3th step:

4th step:
3_File Upload Widget Select_other_file
5th step:

Now I selected an other file from the same share drive (R:) and if I look into the flow variables after selection, then you see in flow variable “file-upload-input” the path c:\Users\geurtsr\AppData\Local.… instead of R:\Ron\Example Data Screen Tools.…

How can I get the path of the new selected file in a flow variable instead of the temp created path

If you need any urther info please let me know

Hello, it looks like nobody has any experience with the File Upload Widget.
Or if i have explained it not clear enough, please let me know.

@RonG I have bult this data app where the file name of the graphic to be downloaded would change.

I have not fully understood what it is you want to do. Maybe you could provide us with an example so one might be able to propose a solution.

Hello mlauber,

This is a workflow where i use the File Upload Widget. To test this workflow, you have to set the default path and file in the File Upload Widget first. Then you can run this en see what happens. Hopefully it will be clear to you.

So what I like is to have the selected path and filename in the flow variable of the File Upload Widget and that I can change this path in with the String Manipulation Node. If you need other info, please let me know


Test_File_Upload_Widget.knwf (14.2 KB)

Hey @RonG,

seems like this is a bug on our end. I created a bug ticket for it (internal reference UIEXT-670).
Until the bug is fixed you could use one of the other two variables and remove the starting protocol with a string manipulation node for example.


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Hi daniel,

thanks for your reply and creating a bug ticket.
But I can’t use another variable, because if you select a file in another directory it is in none of the variables. Two have the def path in it and the others the temp path on the C drive.

But hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.



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