Save or copy images from KNIME nodes into the clipboard

Dear KNIME team and users,

it would be very comfortable if graphics created e.g. inside KNIME by JfreeChart, R View  or other nodes could be copied or saved directly to the clipboard. I understand that this is currently not possible in KNIME. Saving as png or svg file from the graph window into a temporary file is also not an option since it is not possible to open the file until you close KNIME. I tried to save the image to clipboard within an R-node but this is not possible inside KNIME. Is there an easy way to write an image to the clipboard?

My workaround at present is to save the image to a temporary file or to an excel file (that opens automatically). But I would find it more comfortable to save/write it to the clipboard directly so that I can paste it into any other application (I am copying graphs from KNIME very often).

Kind regards


I don't have the solution but a work around (if you are on windows) would be to use the snipping tools which copies the selected part of your screen to an image in your clipboard.