Save or share interactive Javascript views

Hi guys,
Is there a way to save or share the interactive javascript views (like 3D scatter plot) to a html or similar ?

So that one could hand-in the view file to someone else to inspect the interactive plot in a simple web-browser ?
I tried right-clic and “Save as”, the canvas is there but the data are missing :sweat_smile:

Hi @l.thomas,

  1. Use the Plotly views e.g. 3D Scatter Plot (Plotly)

  2. Check “Enable link to Plotly editor” option in “Control Options” in the configuration window of the node.

  1. Click on “Edit chart” in the interactive view of the plot.

  1. In the web browser which has been launched, create a account or sign in to your account.

  1. Save your plot.

  1. Export your plot as HTML.



Thanks for the very detailed answer !
Really cool !!

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