Save to Excel Macro enable file

Hi all;

I’m using Knime Excel Support Version 3.6.0.v201806251155 and Knime version 3.6.0

Before I was able to use the node “Excel Sheet Appender” to write data into a macro enabled workbook. Now, I’m not able to do so. Knime is alway changing the extension of the output file adding the xlsx at the end of the filename

The file is supposed to be: Test.xlsm
Knime changes the name to: Test.xlsm.xlsx

I’ve tried errasing the last part but everytime Knime keeps adding the xlsx.

Weird thing that this used to work for me in the past but not anymore.

Any ideas?

I found a way to work this out, creating a variable for the file location and name. The variable contains the xlsm format and I’m using the varible for the Excel sheet appender output, this way the node is note adding the xlsx into the name


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