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Hey Knime Team,

When creating a deployment, in the “Advance Settings” section there is an option “Save workflow summary”.

Can you please describe what this summary is and provide a use case of when it may be set to true?


Hi @ajc a workflow summary is a detailed structured description of a workflow including its structure, configuration, port specifications, node & workflow annotations, and more.
This function also exists on an Analytics Platform and has a dedicated extractor node for it as well. Please find out more, with example workflows exhibiting its function below:

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Thanks @Dora_Oravecz, where abouts do these logs get saved to on the hub?

Hi @ajc,

These are stored within the job itself, which you can download to the KNIME Analytics Platform and then inspect on disk.
Alternatively, you can use the node @Dora_Oravecz shared to read in a workflow (that can bei either local, or retrieved via a connector node) and generate the summary.

The workflow summary is a rarely used feature, which is why we do not save a workflow summary by default (saving some disk storage and CPU time).
Do you have a use-case in mind behind the workflow summary feature?

To get a feeling for the data, consider working only locally for the time being and using our Integrated Deployment nodes together with Analyze Workflow Summary – KNIME Community Hub to see what information this can provide.

Kind regards

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Thanks for the reply @marvin.kickuth,

This clears things up. No solid use case at the moment but potentially looking to leverage it to create a data linage output for a downstream data catalogue tool.

Thanks for the info.

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