Saving a list of strings to SDF


I want to save a Column containing a list of Strings to SDF. This is obviously not possible with the SDF Writer.
Therefore I wanted to use Split Collection Column to split my List into separate Columns and then use the Column Combiner to combine them back into one string column, separated by commas, as suggested here

My List contains a variable amount of entries, so I used the Wildcard in the Column Combiner with “Split Value *”. Afterwards I want to use a Column Filter to get rid of the Split Value Columns, but the Wildcard here only INCLUDES the matches. I don’t see a way to EXCLUDE my wildcard hits.

I hope somebody can help me solve my problem. Maybe there is a whole different approach I don’t see.

PS: Is there a way to not use quotes for the entries of joined columns?

I was able to get rid of my problem, by using a different aggregation method with my group by. Instead of List I chose Unique concatenate, which leaves my Column as String and therefore I can save them to SDF.

I’ll still leave this on here, if someone in the future might find this helpful.


Hi @ChrisHill -

Thanks for posting the solution, and glad you found a way to handle things. :slight_smile: