Saving Keras Models


I created and trained a keras model (backend: tensorflow) using the newly built-in KNIME nodes. How do I save such a model? I am missing a DL Keras Network Writer" node or something similar.

Thanks in advance!

I found the answer to my own question: The Model Writer node.

Great! We plan to add a Keras Writer as well, which then gives you the opportunity to write native Keras models. Let us know if you run into any problems.



Hi can you please me, i m stuck

Python Script Node:…its a lstm model…)
from keras.models import load_model
output_object_1 =‘my_model’,save_format=‘h5’)

python script node to -----> model writer node (’…h5’

its not working while loading the model with keras network reader + i tried to open the saved h5 model, its empty no values… kindly correct me how to carry this.