Saving SVG images

Following a previous post (Make a PNG-image column with python - #10 by l.thomas) in which I am generating a plot in Python as SVG,
I am now wondering if there is a more straightforward way to save SVG as images.
Currently I do “Renderer to Image” to yield a PNG, then “PNG to ImagePlus” to be able to save it with the Image Writer.
As illustrated here:

Being able to directly save Png or SVG would be great.
Apparently I could save the SVG using the XML writer but then how do I open it as an image in an usual viewer ?

Hi @l.thomas

Can’t you just use the Image Writer (Table Column) for this?*ajTDEmdYEJUQVeYb

Best, Iris


Hi Iris,
I did not know about that node ! Works like a charm thanks !


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