Saving workflows to Google Drive

Has anyone else looked at using Google Drive as a store for workflows. Every time I set things up they seem to lock and I get the “Unable to load workflow “xxx” It is in use by another user/instance.” error.

I guess this is to do with the shared nature of G Drive and I am going to have to use local hard drive to store and then back-up copies on Google?


Have you tried using “Backup and sync”?
By using this app, you’ll choose a local folder for Google Drive and then you can create a folder in it and choose it as your workspace, so all your projects will be uploaded and synced to your cloud storage.


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Thanks Armin, that is what I was thinking. As an extension, the reason I was looking to add directly to GDrive is so that my team can collaborate on projects, open and edit workflows owned by each other etc.

I guess this is where Server comes in?

Yes, I think the best method to collaborate on a project is using KNIME Server. When using Google Drive each time that a team member uploads a new version of the workflow, the previous version is replaced. But as much as I know, in KNIME Server you can track your different versions and each member can modify a different part of the workflow. Maybe a KNIME team member can explain it better. @ScottF


One of the big benefits of KNIME Server is definitely centered around team collaboration, whether that’s sharing workflows from a single space, implementing version control and rollback, or comparing analyses at the workflow and node levels. That’s not all KNIME Server does, but it’s a key part. More info here:

I believe the next KNIME Server Webinar is in November, if you’d like to see some of the collaboration tools demonstrated live.