scan text in one cell and write another one

my problem is how tho scan a text and write something in another cell if the word i’m looking for is founded.

I have this data in one cell:

if “red” is founded, than write “1/yes” in another cell (same raw)

Hi @gcas

One could use in this case a -Rule Engine- node

using as conditions for instance the following:

$Column Name$ LIKE "*red*" => "1/yes"
TRUE => "0/No"

It means if the content of the cell is like red regardless of the rest then write “1/yes”.
One needs to write too the second condition TRUE => "0/No" which means “in any other case” write something else.

Hope it helps.



thanks a lot. I will try soon!


thanks a lot for your hint!
As you can see 77bis e 77bib now have the resoult of the “Rule Engine” you suggest.

But how can I rewrite only only the empty cells of 77_OMM with 1 or 2, if in 77bis or 77bib contain YES?

The node “Rule Engine” can only append or replace a column, but I need instead something like this:
if 77bis have “YES”, then write “1” in 77_OMM
if 77bib have “YES”, then write “2” in 77_OMM

Hi @gcas

Within Rule Engine you can add multiple lines that are evaluated in sequence.

See example:

THANKS a lot for you suggest and time, but i still continue to do not understand where i set the instruction: rewrite the column 77_OMM.

With your screenshot i cannot understand this :frowning:

In my mind should be something like this:
$77bis$ = "YES" THEN rewrite 77_OMM with "1"
$77bib$ = "YES" THEN rewrite 77_OMM with "2"
TRUE => ""

Since you mention rewrite, I assume 77_OMM is already a column, pick Replace.

Thanks! I already tried, but, if i select “Replace Column” all cells already populated with 1 or 2 will be replaced with the new value YES or NO…

In my mind I have to rewrite only the empty cells.

FYI @ ArjenEX

In that case, just add more conditions in the rule eveluation. For example: AND MISSING #field. That will ensure covering empty cells only.

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Nice hint! I have to study more because i don’t know this condition and “how to write”.

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