Scatter Plot Error Message

I am using a scatter plot, which is node #35 and its not yielding the image. The error that comes up is the following: svg retrieval failed: error retrieving image: javascript error: knime_scatter_plot_selection_appender is not defined. Funny thing was that it was working just fine
, but as soon as I disconnected the link from the previous node and reconnected, the error arose. And prior to this error occurring, I also tried to make a copy of the node, but the copy also wouldn’t work. I am at a loss as to what is causing this problem seeing as it worked before. Someone please help with it.

2. My First Data Exploration.knwf (50.1 KB)

Hi, which KNIME version are you using? Which browser did you set up to be used (Preferences->KNIME->Javascript Views)? Maybe there is an error message that comes up when you open the view of the Scatter Plot?

HI, appreciate the response. Switching to the ‘Chrome Browser’ and restarting KNIME helped with the problem. In rare instances, I’ve had to switch to the ‘internal SWT browser’ and restarting KNIME. In either case, the problem gets resolved when it happens which of late has not been occurring.


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