Scatter plot of HTS data


I have many compounds with HTS data (% inhibition) and would like to make a scatter plot such as the one attached. How do I dot this In Knime? The available scatter plot node only take numeric data for the axes, not items such as Compound IDs.

Any tips appreciated!


Hey Evert,

the generic Scatter Plot node actually takes String type data for the axes, so if your compound identifiers are strings, I see no problem here.


Thanks for your tip - however, I can't get it to work. I have a string column with compound IDs but this column is not available for choosing as x- or y-axis, as opposed to other string-based columns...this doesn't make sense to me.

Any ideas?

You might need to compute the string column's domain with the Domain Calculator node (check the settings to calculate it even if there are a lot of different values).


do you want to use the compounds' IDs or the plates' IDs as x-axis value?

if you are interested in the compounds, simply add a counter and use this as x-axis value. if you were interested in using the plate ids you could try a group loop using the plate IDs: this will add the iteration number that corresponds to the plates. you can then use the iteration number as the x-axis value



Inserting the Counter Generation before the Scatter Plot does the trick, thanks for this tip. I actually noticed now that some of the Compound IDs are missing, maybe this explains why this string column didn't show up as choice for the axes?

Thanks for helping out!


Hey Evert.

missing values are not an issue, they will be ignored by the node (but you can still choose the column). See the screenshot attached to this post.

I totally agree with what aborg said, you need to use the Domain Calculator node if you want to use the column containing your compound identifier.