Scatter Plot (Plotly) not writing title and axis legends


I’m writing out plots generated with the Scatter Plot (Plotly) node with the Image Writer (Port) node. The image generated from plotting has a title, axis legends and tick numbers. These are all stripped from the image written by the Image Writer.

Am I missing an obvious setting/configuration? This is on Windows 10, Knime 4.1.3.

Tips appreciated/Evert

PS: plots generated with the normal JavaScript Scatter Plot node don’t have this problem, but here the Plot Title is not centered, which I don’t like and cannot change (?)

Hi @evert.homan

I was just testing this, but I do see the title after writing the image.

Can you maybe append a minimal workflow example recreating this?

Thank you!

Sure, see attached.


Scatter Plot Image.knwf (2.6 MB)

Hi Evert,

the image generated is a SVG. With which tool did you open it?
For me it has everything, this is why I was wondering.

if you want to get a png you can use the Renderer to Image node before the image writer node.


The SVG image shows up as being associated with a web browser (Internet Explorer) and will be opened as a web page if I double-click it.

Thanks for the Renderer ti Image node tip!


Hi, I now see that the SVG image looks OK when I insert it into a PowerPoint slide.

Many thanks/Evert


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