Scatter Plot with all axis combinations

Hallo everyone,

I am working with the standard Scatter Plot (local) to analyze some data. As I got a few dimensions in my data, I have several options of combinations (see screenshot)

E.g. I want to compare turnover on x with number of orders on y.
Or I want to compare number of users on x with number of service cases on y.

I found pictures where the tool (Might be matlab?) shows all of the possible combinations on one view (see screenshot). I would also be happy if I could print all combinations in n jpg-files and click through them.

Someone an idea how I could work smarter?

Thank you in advance and best regards

Hi @verknuepfer -

I think what you want here is the Scatter Matrix (local) node.

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Thats perfect, @ScottF thank you very much for your quick help! :slight_smile:


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