Scatter plot with multiple series


Is it possible to create a scatter plot comprising multiple series (1000 for example) with increased interactivity (in the view pane to be able to select a series by click-in points).

I’m having trouble plotting a database with the following specs:
x-axis = date (daily interval between jan 2019 - dec 2020)
y-axis = the number of daily transactions, between the above interval, for 1000 stores.

The scatter plot node configuration only permits 2 choices under the “options” tab, but I would like to add all 1000 stores to see the outliers for the entire database.

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Hi @GeorgeVP90

sorry for the late reply. I think the Unpivoting node might help you here.
The idea is to combine all stores into one long column and duplicate the dates accordingly.

Have a look at this workflow:

The output might look a bit cluttered, but that’s because I’m basically just plotting random data. The additional nodes are there to give each column (i.e. store) its own unique color.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Hi Marvin,

Very helpful workflow (the Unpivoting node is key if working from initial excel data tables, as in excel the scatter plot requires data to be on separate columns).

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