Scatterplot (JFreeChart) not showing all colors categories in the color legend


In color manager I assigned colors for 23 categories but Scatterplot (JFreeChart) showing only 12 caegories in the color legend. I checked the domain for the column, It has 23 values in the domian.


Hi @nithinth7 -

Do you have an example workflow you can share? My first inclination would be to try using a Domain Calculator node too see if that helps, but perhaps there is a fixed limit having to to with legend categories.

Is there a reason you’ve decided to use the JFreeChart version of the scatter plot rather than the newer Javascript or (even better) Plotly scatter plot nodes?

EDIT: It seems there is a limit on the legend categories in that node (thanks @ipazin!). But maybe one of the newer nodes will be a better solution?

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Hi @ScottF, @ipazin,

Thank you very much for the reply. I will try to use another node. I have a big data set (~ 600000 data points) so Javascript scatterplot was not fast enough.


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