ScatterPlot View - Chrome driver was not initialized report

Hi, I’m encountering the attached error whenever I try to execute Javascript Scatterplot nodes: SVG retrieval failed: Error retrieving image: Chrome driver was not initialized. Could not retrieve image.

My pc is Windows 10 - 64 bit

I have KNIME 3.7.1 uploaded on my pc, with full of the extensions.

I have tried the previous solutions on forum, changing the browser & headless browser types on Javascript views however none of them did not work for me.

Waiting for your valuable help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,
We could manage to find a work around.
Prefs>Knime>Javascript views > internal SWT Browser
although it states is not recomended, other two options did not work on Isılay’s Case. I don’t know why.

this forum Thread helped us solve it;


I recently ran into the same error from the scatter plot node. The error seemed to be related to how many rows of data were sent to the node. My initial configuration was set to use the bundled chromium. I was able solve this by switching to my own full version of Chrome. I can’t be certain but suspect that the resources made available for bundled Chromium are limited while Chrome commands more resources. The number of rows I was plotting exceeded the default 200,000 set in Scatter plot. While I changed the setting in scatterplot, the rendering in Chromium failed (but it worked in Chrome).

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Thanks, it worked for me