schedule flow execution

Good morning people, everything fine ?

I would like to schedule the execution of a flow. I checked some cases here on the forum about batch and knime but I couldn’t do it, can someone help me by doing a step by step. I need that every day at 09:00 BR to be executed.

Hi @Gabriel2020

Did you went throught the FAQ regarding batch execution?

This is also an usefull reference:

Once you have the batch ready, you can schedule it accordingly. There is quite some guidance material out there on how to do this via Task Scheduler (this assumes Windows usage).

Hello ArjenEX, how are you?

I looked, but I’m still having trouble doing it. Can you help me ?

You’re not providing a lot here.

What have you tried so far? What kind of workflow is it? Where are you stuck? What kind of errors are you getting?

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