I believe the scheduler works on the server.
I want to be able to invoke workflows at 12am every night.
Now before I run them via a server, I wish to test the behavior using my local machine.
Is there a way to schedule jobs using the local setup?

Hi @Shai

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The scheduling is only part of the knime server not on the client.

You could use a free trial of the server on aws to quickly see how it works. We are also happy to provide you with a free evaluation license for an on premise installation. Just send us a message to

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Hi @Shai,

there is no scheduling on the local machine.
But there are alternative ways to do it -> run the workflow by batch file (which you can then try to plan via windows scheduling)

However from experience I can say that this is kinda messy and is not the best way if you need the workflow to run on time/without errors.
(We changed from this to the actual server scheduling which made our life much easier)