Schrödinger Software Release 2019-3


We are pleased to announce Schrödinger software release 2019-3, which is available for download now. You can learn more about the KNIME extension new features in Here are the major new features in this quarterly release:
• Supports the latest version of KNIME (v4.0)
• Our extensions are included in the new Partner update site
• New FEP+ reader node
• New node to easily upload a workflow to Live design as model
• More reader and writer nodes are supported in
• The Maestro reader and writer nodes can point to a directory inside the workflow

Jean-Christophe Mozziconacci
KNIME Product Manager at Schrodinger



Wow. Great work! And guess what, we already have indexed nodes and workflows on NodePit for easy discovery and installation :slight_smile:

Schrödinger Nodes on Nodepit:

Schrödinger Workflows on Nodepit:

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