Schrödinger software release 2020-4

We are pleased to announce Schrödinger software release 2020-4, which is available for download now: You can learn more about the KNIME extension new features from Here are the major enhancements in this quarterly release:
• KNIME in LiveDesign
- System specific files and workflow parameters can be changed on the LiveDesign admin page
- Preferences for faster configuration of the Upload as LiveDesign model node
- Surfaces rendering can be controlled and the models deployed to a specific LiveDesign project
- Use nodes from extensions not included in the default installation
• The Prime Build Homology Model node accepts any Parameter flow variable
• New Job Monitor node

The corresponding workflow examples and KNIME LiveDesign models are available on and
• Alignment on a cocrystallized ligand
• Get PDB and protein preparation
• Binding pose strain. Docking and ligand strain
• Related PDB structures
• Docking and protein surface – with surface coloring
• Models adapted to take system specific files from the Admin panel: Random forest, Ligand alignment, Pharmacophore screening and Docking models.

Jean-Christophe Mozziconacci
KNIME extension Product Manager at Schrödinger

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