Schrödinger software release 2021-1

The Schrödinger software version 2021-1 has been released recently and is available for download: You can learn more about the KNIME extension new features from Here are the major enhancements in this quarterly release:
• Supports the latest version of KNIME (v4.3, but includes v4.1.3)
• Include the biological unit and set the source in the Get PDB node
• The Jaguar minimization node runs on multiple CPUs
• KNIME in LiveDesign

  • Free file name choice in the Extra file fields and other usability improvements in the 2 generic protocols
  • The model the description is updated from the workflow when deployed and the models can be sorted by modification date on the admin page
  • New LiveDesign model and protocol administration nodes, running the script

The corresponding workflow examples and KNIME LiveDesign models are available on and
• LiveDesign administration
• Cheminformatics - AutoQSAR: with model renaming
• KNIME LiveDesign models

  • Structure alignment - Ligand alignment with a cocrystallized reference
  • and a couple of other models were improved

Jean-Christophe Mozziconacci
KNIME extension Product Manager at Schrödinger

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