Schrödinger software release

The Schrödinger software version 2021-2 has been released this week and is available for download: You can learn more about the KNIME extension new features from Here are the major enhancements in this quarterly release:
• Includes the latest version of KNIME (v4.3.2)
• New Ligand alignment node
KNIME in LiveDesign:
• Generic protocols
- More arguments fields to control the workflow
- Control the computationally expensive calculation distribution
• Upload as LD model node
- By default in the project that is set in the Preferences
- A surface can be added to a receptor-ligand complex column
- The models can also be uploaded from Maestro
• New LiveDesign connection node used as input for the Import and export to LiveDesignnodes

The corresponding workflow examples and KNIME LiveDesign models are available on and
• General - Ligand alignment : new node usage
• Import and export from LiveDesign: uses LiveDesignConnection node
New and improved KNIME LiveDesign models:
• Binding pocket surface
• Low energy conformations
• Binding pose strain
• Ligand alignment with a cocrystallized reference

Jean-Christophe Mozziconacci
KNIME extension Product Manager at Schrödinger
and Ravikiran Kuppuraj
KNIME extension developer at Schrödinger

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