Scorer node with variables in loop

Hi everyone :)

I am trying to created decision tree learning system which has using loops. so i am creating more than one tree and all of tham have different accuracy values.

I want to write every iteration's accuracy values the the database. but how can i set the properties of scorer node's first and second values?

i prepare my comparation data columns in every iteration  ( their names changing every iteration but they will be always 2 columns . first column will be a value of scorer node's firs value and  second column will be a value of scorer node's second value)

How can i do this easly?

Thank for your interest. 


hi again, I used to java snipped node for set the column name to a flow variable. after that i tryed to set scorer node's arguments and  i get the null pointer exeption message.

what should i do ?

that was a bug in the node :) I deleted and create again the Scorer Node and it is working now.


interesting behavior.... 

Good it is working for you now :-)

Best, Iris