Scoring based on Recurrence using Knime

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Im currently working on a project where I want KNIME to create a scoring system based on recurrence.

I have 400 rows of data with about 10 columns. The column I’m interested in is Incident Title. Within these titles, there is a short description of an incident. I want to be able to put in a key word and have KNIME filter only the titles with my certain keyword and count how many rows it occurs in while keeping the other information. So, let’s say the other columns have things like country and city, and a few people broke Item A, then I want to know how many times Item A has been broken in California, USA and how many times Item A has been broken in Berlin, Germany in a new column.

Is this possible?


Hello @bartx76 and welcome to the KNIME community.

All that you comment here is quite undefined. It can be a simple task depending on your sources; as simple as some wildcard identification or as complex as text similarity analysis with different approaches if the typing is not accurate.

I would suggest to provide some sample data or more details so it will be easier to get the right support.



rule engine with LIKE or MATCHES rule


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