Scrape a text from a news URL

Hi everyone I am trying to scrap a text from a URL but after several Xpath queries I am still unable to extract a specific text.

The following image show the queries applied

I want to extract the text after “articleBody” : "“Avanza el caso por la fuga…” which is in line 221

I am attaching the workflow

Extract News Text.knwf (119.8 KB)


Hi @mauuuuu5 ,

You are nearly there I think, but the script that you have successfully collected into the “Text I” column using the XPath node is embedded JSON, so following this collection, I think you will need to then interpret the JSON.

So, follow your XPath node with String to JSON

and then follow that with JSON Path

Clicking each item in succession as shown in the above screenshot should place
in the JSONPath

This should then retrieve your article.


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