scraping custpmer reviews


I am just a newbie at knime.

I try to fetch customer reviews from the web side (

For this purpose, I created workflow that is table creator->html parser->xpath and the workflow was attached.

At the end I coluld get only one review. How can I get all reviews. What is wrong about my workflow.
Thank you.


Hi @metinergoktas,

could you attach your example workflow?
With just the picture it is kinda hard to suggest what is wrong :slight_smile:

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Sorry for this.

here the workflow.web_scraping_deneme.knwf (10.2 KB)

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Hi @metinergoktas,

I think you should check your xpath - you are selecting only one element.

Here an example which results in all the comments which are returned by the first get request
(might have to loop through the pages if you need more - not sure if needed but at the first glance it looked like it)

First I select only the comment section (i think?) by the id

Just so it can be easier seen in the next xpath :slight_smile:

Then I select all the Review-Divs (as node but you could also return the strings):


Hope I got the correct parts of the page - kinda messy if you cannot actually read the language :stuck_out_tongue:

But I am not an xpath expert by far - so there might be more optimal solutions
(I just googled the xpath filter i think should work :see_no_evil: )

web_scraping_deneme-1.knwf.knwf (11.7 KB)


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