scraping historical data from (wunderground) and save to csv files

How scraping historical data (1973-2020)

from Url:
and save to csv, but idont know

I think I have to use GET Request and JSON Path.
Help me please

Hi @jijasmx007 -

You’re on the right path. If you look at this screen shot of the JSON Path node configuration, you’ll see that I have three different collection queries. As an example, I set up the first query, “obs_name”, by clicking on the grey area, then clicking the Add collection query button. Then I did the same for the time stamp and temperature fields.

After the JSON Path node, I used an Ungroup node to separate the collections. I ended up with 615 observations using your link:

(By the way, if this works for you, you may want to go back and edit out your URL, since it has an API key embedded in it.)


Thanks ScottF
One last question. How can I download historical data with a loop?

I guess if you have a bunch of URLs you want to parse, you could input them as a table to the Table Row to Variable Loop Start node, and pass the URL to the GET Request node as a flow variable. Then collect all the results in a Loop End node.

But it would depend on how the Weather API stores historical data, I suppose.


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