Scraping HTML file

I try to scrape this html file that now I attach like a txt for limit of forum
CSA Football Players Exchange.txt (889.4 KB)
I wanna scrape this page for analyze the table inside (I think row nr. 1228), this is a screenshot of the table on webpage.

I have no idea how to set the xpath and if it’s possibile without any node with payments.

thanks at all for help

Hi @bruss

Is the website public? That’s usually a lot easier to work with since there is so much css “noise” in your attachment.

I guess the have an api but it is not for free?

No, for that I saved the html file and I have to work with this (I think without pay any node like Selenium or others).

No, They don’t have an api. Is it impossible without?

API is always preferred. If the page is structured easily a small script could be an option. You could also give Webpage Retriever Node a try
good luck an br

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