Scraping images and text from specific Twitter accounts


I am conducting a research and my goal it to collect tweets (including text and images) from specific accounts (e.g., Walmart), along with engagement data (likes, number of retweets). I also want to avoid replies of Walmart to other users and retweets; I just need content in the “Tweets” section.
I tried with Twitter API Connector and Twitter Timeline (specifying Walmart as user), but I also got Walmart’s replies and no image.

Thanks a lot.


Hi @glcasciorizzo and welcome to the Knime Community.

This would be a feature/functionality from the API. If this feature/functionality does not exist from the API, then you will collect tweets including the replies and retweets.

However, you should then be able to do some manipulations in Knime to filter out the data that you don’t want.

I’m not sure how the data looks like - I mean not just what the API returns, but I’m not familiar with Twitter itself. If you can provide some sample data, I’m sure we can help you out.

Hi @glcasciorizzo - welcome to the forum!

Try the syntax


in the Twitter Search node.

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