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Hi everyone,

I am a brand new user and I have a first issue which is really anoying. Nobody in the company had the issue before, this is why I am asking you.

My screen is only half of its full potential (see on the picture) and I can’t make it bigger ! I already tried to reset the perspective, but it’s like that since I have dowloaded Knime.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @JulienG,

Welcome to the Knime community.
Your issue seems as described in this topic which links to this topic with a solution.

Maybe this is the solution for you too.

Hello @JanDuo,

Thank you very much, I found my issue

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Hello @JulienG,

welcome to KNIME Community and glad to hear you fixed it! What was the issue in your case?


Hi @ipazin,

I just changed my workspace and it worked. I have no idea why but it was the solution to my grey screen.

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Tnx for sharing it :+1:

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