SD Reader Error

Getting the following error when reading an sdf:

ERROR KNIME-Worker-601 Node Execute failed: null. Likely reason: port-role is not set as streamable → overwrite get[Input|Ouptut]PortRoles()-methods in NodeModel.

How do I implement the change as noted?

Hello @bradley489,

you are talking about SD Reader (deprecated) from Schrödinger Extensions for KNIME?


Yes, I believe this is the case. It turns out if you check the “Extract All Properties” box it no longer fails. I have been hesitant to upgrade my Schrodinger KNIME extensions due to software conflicts. Thanks!

Hello @bradley489,

never used them so can’t help more but changed category so maybe someone jumps in and helps.



I’m sorry to hear that you were seeing this error and I’m glad you were able to get around this, but we no longer support the SD Reader node as this has been deprecated, but you can use the SDF reader from Knime directly or you can also use the Molecule Reader (to MAE) node which will also accept sd/sdf files as input without any problem.
If you would like to update to the latest release of the Schrodinger Suite and update the extention in your standalone Knime installation please feel free to reach out to and we would be happy to help you further anytime.

Many thanks,


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