SDF file fields

Dear all,

I observed the following problem: When I read via the SDF-reader node several different SDF files that contain different additional fields and I want to write out a single concatenated SDF file it contains all the fields of the original SDF files although I filtered them using the column filter node. I tried to write the results of the column filter node to the cache before but this does not help. for some reason the SDF Writer node exports the complete table inclusive the data that is hidden by the column filter node or the selector in the SDF-Writer configuration.

Does somebody know a workaround?

The KNIME version I use is 2.0.3

best regards


The SDF writer just concatenates all SDF cell in the input table. Since we do not touch the content of SDF entries, they still contain the fields, even if you filtered out the extracted columns in the data table. If want to filter out certain properties, you need to take SDF-compatible cells (e.g. Mol) without any properties and then add the desired ones with the SDF Properties Insert node.