SDF still causing blob and snappy errors

Hi folks,
Still having so many issues with SDF cells causing these blob and snappy errors on Mac (and not just the same Mac machine either). Mac has had 3 major MacOS updates during the period of this problem.
It can happen within minutes of running a workflow and then rerunning part of the workflow and suddenly the error is there mid-workflow.
If you change SDF at the start of the workflow to MOL, the issue does not happen downstream.
If I create SDFs within a workflow it does not happen. Even if it is converting the original SDFs to Smiles and back to SDFs again. The error does not happen after this final conversion to SDF.

The closest I’ve got to narrowing this down with some confidence is if the SDF cells contain a very large number of SDF tags (I.e. lots of column properties embedded within the cell) then this is when all the issues start. Maybe some kind of buffer overflow?
I really hope this helps narrow down the bug it’s driving me crazy.


Hi @richards99,

First of all, I am sorry that you are having issues using KNIME AP on your Mac.

It looks like you have reported this issue before. Can you please provide a reference or a forum link to that. This would help getting the context/background right. Also, could you please provide us with more information:

  1. On which version of the KNIME AP are you having this problem?
  2. Which version of Mac OS are you currently running?
  3. What exactly the error says? (a console message, a knime.log or a screenshot would be helpful)
  4. Are you able to share an example workflow with the problem?


Here is a previous thread…


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