sdk startup error

do not know what happened to my Eclipse,can not find knime sdk api and eclipse start error

Hi @lou,
try refreshing and reloading your target platform. Eclipse regularly has a hiccup and forgets it…



Reloaded,get error when launch

do you fix this?I have the same problem like this

yes,thanks @Mark_Ortmann

Just to make sure you have the correct setup:

  1. You have selected or as your Target Platform (according to your picture it looks correct)
  2. You right-clicked on Analytics-Platform.launch then Run As -> Run Configurations…
  3. In the Dialog you have the following stuff adapted:
    3.1. Main -> Run a product (ensure it’s selected) -> select org.knime.product.KNIME_PRODUCT
    3.2. Configuration -> Ensure “Clear the configuration area before launching” is selected
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click Run

You might also want to change the Location of the workspace data in the run configuration - at the moment it is misconfigured for @thor’s environment in the github download:

I normally use ${workspace_loc}/../runtime-workspace, which will put it in the same place as the Eclipse workspace.


This is already fixed. Maybe not in the GitHub mirror yet but on BitBucket.


I have completed to set target platform , do you know how to recompile the source code for project of org.knime.product

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