SDK version Azure OpenAI Authenticator/Chat Model Connector?

Hello Everyone,
I am using the Azure OpenAI Authenticator and Azure OpenAI Chat Model Connector nodes. While some of my deployed models can be addressed successfully, I am facing problems in reaching GPT4-1106-preview, GPT4-0125-preview and sometimes GPT4-32k. I am in contact with the Microsoft support. They are asking me about the used SDK version and about in which way and details how the REST call is made. Who can help me with this?
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Hey @Armin_Alois,

I will get in touch with one of the SEs and ask for them to take a look at the issue you are encountering.



Hello @Armin_Alois,

which version of the AI Extension are you using?
The latest released version is 5.2.1 and it uses the Python libraries langchain 0.0.339 and openai 1.2.4 to communicate with Azure.

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Hey @thor, hello @nemad,
thank you very much! I am using AI extension 5.2.1 and Knime 5.2.3. I forwarded the info to the OpenAI support engineers.
Best, Armin

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Hello @thor, hello @nemad,
the issue is solved for Ada and GPT4-1106-preview both localized at the same site.

However it still persists for Embedding3small, Embedding3large and GPT4-0125-preview. FAISS vector store models can be created successfully by the Embedding3s without error message. Also GPT40125 is able to answer questions relating to its own knowledge successfully. Questions relating to Tool content (FAISS vector store model generated by Vector to Tool node) produce an error message in the Agent Prompter node (401: unauthorized access). Do you know if the Agent Prompter Node is able to deal with Embedding3 generated FAISS vector models? In Knime, do the Embedding model used for FAISS vector store creation and the GPT model for analyses be located at the same OpenAI location (i.e. same key)?

Looking forward to your replies.