Search 1 word in a cell with multiple words

Hello Everyone, I have one excel file with a list of allowed words to be checked in the second. they both have an ID column to make the match. here an example:
ID Words1
231 tree
432 apple
511 mug
434 cat

File 2:
ID Words2
231 tree, bee
432 car
511 mug, cherry, nut
434 dog

I want to highlight for the same ID all cells of file2 where words2 are not contained in words1 in file1. In the case of multiple words in the same cell also I want to highlight the words that don’t belong to the same file, like for ID 511 mug is present but there are also cherry and nut not contained, this I want to highlight too.
I did a first try with rule based raw filter but filter just the exact word, so ID 511 is not considered.
thank you

To get you started, if your row IDs are unique you can read both and join them as a first step and then check the word columns

Hello @CYLE and welcome to the KNIME forum!

For your the use case presented, you may need to solve with a logical indexing matrix. You can take a look to this workflow for insights.

As @Daniel_Weikert mentioned, you would need to replace the xjoiner with an inner joiner aiming to match the IDs

Please comment your findings, thoughts. You would probably have to do some cross check or regex for the not contained words …