search a list of word on dataset

hi, i have a list of string word on table let’s tell 15 rows on table1, and I have another table2 with 3 column.
so, I want to search every single word on table1 if they exits on column 1 on table2, and if it exist I remove all the row.
this check will be done for all the word on table1


To be more clear, please provide an example of input and output, just couple of lines.
Also, look at

It may help to answer your question.

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this is my knime project: two table, one with fix rows (table creator) and I want to search each of this words on table2 (xls reader) column message, so if the word exist, I will remove all row on table2data.knwf (6.1 KB)
Desktop.xlsx (528.0 KB)

Hi @willson,

As @izaychik63 suggested you can use the Rule-based Row Filter (Dictionary) node to solve this.

Here is an example workflow: (I have modified your last keyword in the Table Creator node)

row_filter_dic.knwf (408.9 KB)



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