Search and collect data or files from the internet


I am a new user of Knime and I wonder if I can extract a list of data that I need by searching the internet all through Knime. for example: I need a list of some particular websites in an excel file that match a search pattern, where Knime will do the search and form the list. can this be done?


another requirement is to collect some excel files concerning some particular topic from the internet, is it possible as well?



Hi Melica,

I am also a debutant in KNIME like you but might be I could help u  at a certain level. For the first question I will suggest you take a look at the "WebSearcher" node and for the second question concerning the collection of excel files from the internet, use the "Excel Reader(XlS)" node. Open the node and then insert the https address of your desired excel file in the -select file to read field.

Hope this helps you