Search one or more string in all node in workflow

Hi everyone, I have all my wkfs saved as .zip files in a folder, I wanted to know if it was possible to do a search for one or more strings within the nodes of all the wkfs.
For example in all wkfs I should search for ‘table_name’-20-‘20’
According to you, is it possible I also have the possibility of having the wkfs unzipped

Hey @cridiaz,

This is an intresting problem you have brought up.

For a initial high-level suggestion, you can use the ‘Decompress Files’ node to initially unzip it to look more into the data within it, however being able to say check what is at the output port or the table such as a specific string seems to be very complex as that possibly deals with metadata of the actual workflow. I would suggest if you can to output a excel file or table so when you use Decompress, you can filter out the rows for a specific file name that you outputted. From there you should be able to import the table/file using the path the ‘Decompress Files’ gave you and run the ‘rule-based row filter’ on that table to see if you get a TRUE outcome.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the suggestion, the problem is really complex. At the moment I am adopting the method after decompression. I look for the setting.xml file in the various paths created and read it by searching inside it for the string with a java method written in the java snippet node. I was hoping to find something simpler :smile:

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@cridiaz I have built a workflows to search all XML files in a given path for terms you can define: