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I believe the question would be: How do I validate that a list of words is found in the text? Let’s say I’m validating names in a column that has emails to identify whether they are corporate or personal emails.

If there is a name, the email would be of the personal type, otherwise it would be of the corporate type. I have a list with about 390,000 names from all over the world without duplicates and I want to see if any of these names are present in the email reply before the “@” to then mark it as positive or false.

I would have to scan for each email a validation using this list, is that clear? Like a procv from excel.

If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks, Denis

Hi @denisfi ,

can you please make few examples?

Like, if an email is is personal and is corporate?
And PROCV is the portuguese for VLOOKUP, right?

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Hi lelloba and thanks for quickly response. Sure, I’ve 2 distinct lists, 1 with email column and another list with names (Denis, David, Elvis…). I need to search if the email have a name or not. I’ll use it to split cases for personal and corporative uses. And about your next response, yes, PROCV is NSLOOKUP in english, sorry about it, forgot to translate my ideas cleary.

Example: < use the name list to make a search with all cases to identify if can identify possible with “denis” case and other thousand cases.

Like a SQL search to check if “$EMAIL$” Like %denis%"

I think you already provide the solution yourself with your SQL example.
So thinking of joining the two tables as db tables based on a wildcard expression like yours and see whether you get a match or not

Hi Daniel,

Yeap… it’s like a loop for each row (email) to make a validation with other list/table with names. I’d like to use the “Like” operator because the name can be at begin, middle or end of this information. If found, just sign with a boolen true/1.

Now I have 2 distinct tables and tried to use join node to confirm part of this information. I create a column with string manipulation note to bring onle the string before “@” char. Thats ok until there.

The joiner node found google examples that match on both sides, but i’d like to make a search for each email with each possibles names as “%name%” search, could i make me cleary here?

Thats important because I can discover if the email is personal or a department like comercial, marketing, logistic, juridical …



Hi @denisfi

Maybe the recently created components by @takbb that can join tables using a “like” condition might help you to achieve what you need:

Hope it helps.



Hi Ael,

I’ll try and say here after the test, but it’s sound good for me seen the name for this node!

Thanks for it!!!

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