Searching for term and related words

Hello knimers,

I am searching for a solution to find specific terms and the related words, on the left and on the right from the Input term.

Example: INPUT TERM: sensor
The precedure is to look on the left and the right of the given TERM “sensor” and to return the words temperature sensor …etc…

If there is a sensor text like: A sensor is part…
The terms “A” and “is” should not be returned. Just “sensor”…
Maybe I can preceed with a logic only considering words they are longer than 1 or 2 letters…

Could that work for a multiple amount of input terms?? For example for sensors, robot… and so on?
Many Thanks!


Hey Bastian,

I put together a workflow (KNIME_demo – KNIME Hub), that I believe solves this. I would not be surprised if there was a cleaner or more efficient way of solving this (if so I would love to see this solution).

The string input, would be the parameter you want to filter by. Then it steps through, and within the rule engine node, you can change the number of characters you want to filter out by.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!



Thanks @rsrudd !

I will consider it for my workflow and give you an answer soon !


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