Seeking a simple example with description of usage of Neural Network (MLP) for prediction

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I'd like to compare the result of a classification process using a Decision Tree and a Neural Network. I've build the example for the decision tree and I'm seeking a simple example of usage of MLP, possibly described.

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We have an example on our public server for neural networks (see 002002_NeuralNetworks) and using the Scorer node to compare the results.

Hi Gabriel, for some reasons I cannot access the remote server. Could you share the zipped directory with the examples so I can install it on my local machine? Thanks a lot!


You can find this here

Thanks Iris!

Hi all,

Can the data used in the examples be shared as well? I have the workflows, but not the data. =|



The data is embedded with the workflows. If you import the workflow(s) directly from the archive for which the link provided above, the workflow(s) will contain the data. This embedded data can be lost if you start to copy and paste part or the full workflow(s) to another place.


I am using knime to create a neural network model. I use an example workflow in knime in creating neural network using the MultiLayer Perceptron. But I always get a warning that my data is not normalized when in fact I used Normalizer node. Do you have any documentation that I could read in implementing ANN in knime. Or what nodes to use. Also what are my inputs in the MLP nodes (iteration, hidden layer, neuron hidden layer). Here I include the sample workflow knime provided in their site. Thank you in advance




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