Seeking Free Software to Map P-Values of Brain Regions in Alzheimer's Research

I am currently conducting research on Alzheimer’s disease and trying to identify the brain regions whose volumes are significantly associated with memory. For each region, I have obtained one p-value that represents the significance for the association. For visualization purpose, I would like to map these p-values to their corresponding regions in a standard brain. I wonder if there is any free software that provides an image of the brain where I can assign each of my p values to its corresponding region in the brain with a color representing the significance. Thank you very much for your help.
Note: The regions I obtained are by segmenting the brain using the software AssemblyNet.

Hi @MisoWei and welcome to the forum.

I’m not aware of any software like that myself - let me tag my colleague @hayasaka, who has some back ground in brain imagery research, to see if he knows of something that might fit the bill.

Dear @MisoWei , for what you are trying to do, KNIME Analytics Platform may not be the best choice, as it is not designed for visualization of medical images. There are a number of free software packages for visualizing brain imaging data, such as NiPy, FSL, and MRIcron. From what I see in the AssmblyNet documentation you shared, there are segmented atlas images in .nii, so you just fill in the p-values for different brain regions in this atlas image, and you just produce an overlay (e.g., T1 as the background).

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