seemingly wrong results duplicate row filter / reference row filter

230418_Compare MRL tables_example.knwf (425.8 KB)
I have a workflow that is supposed to download a table once a month from a webpage and then compare the downloaded file with the file from a month ago, in particular the substance names which might have changed. Since two or three months I have the problem that seemingly identical names are identified as different and I dont know why.
I added an example workflow with shortened versions of the downloaded tables. I compared the two tables in two different ways 1. Reference row filter, 2. concatenate and duplicate row filter. But for both cases the results seem to make no sense. It would be great if you could find the mistake.

Hello @saskia
The problem with your data is that it has changed, because a space character in ‘OLD’ data is missed for the highlighted $Name$ (yellow) at the end of the string.

You can easily fix the Names column in the OLD table/tables with a String Manipulation node connected to the output port of ‘OLD’ data table:



regexReplace($Name$, "(.*?)($|\\s$)", "$1")



Perfect, thanks so finding the problem and for giving a solution. That worked fine.

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